Why Outsource Your Content Creation

Why Outsource Your Content Creation For Your Small Business

Small, micro businesses and solopreneurs do not have the deep pockets necessary, to hire and develop their own in-house team of creators. They must rely on themselves to create marketing posts as well as run their business and the results are often inadequate created content.

So, you want to create your own, but you lack the time or expertise? Then you should outsource your content to us and get a quote today. Letting us craft your posts, blogs, etc. It is an easy and effective way to reap the benefits without all the work.

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1. More time for you to engage in business-critical tasks. You can only work for a limited number of hours in a day.  You have two options.

     A. loose time and money learning to create valuable content on the fly sacrificing business-critical duties.

     B. Invest a little money on outsourcing to professional creators. You will have more time on your hands for your own business priorities.

2. A measurable return on your investment.
It is far from a secret that businesses are formed to make money. Outsourcing allows you to reap the rewards of high-quality, audience engaging material that your website visitors and customers will love. Well-crafted blog posts quickly lead to more traffic to your website and can easily lead to sales.
A £100.00 piece of content can easily introduce 1000’s of new potential customers to your business. And like any specialist you hire, external creators should be viewed as an investment for the future of your business.

3. Frequent and dependable creation.
All you need to do is create the strategy. The freelancer ensures that he sticks to your plan. Why? Because typically, freelancers are paid per article or per word. Their income is dependent on them following your plan to the letter, and delivering quality content on time.  You will be happy and hire them again and again, you get recurring quality material hands-free.

4. Time saved with fast turnaround.
Simply put, outsourcing saves time. Most outsourcing providers have quick turnaround times, often completing small to medium-sized projects within a single week. Whether that is, blog posts, Social media posts, animations, graphics, and more.
This can be especially useful if you’re creating for a client.

5. Experience and Expertise.
It makes sense to hire experts who are best suited to the job at hand. This is made impossible when the hiring of new employees is not an option. And you must consider as a solopreneur or small business.  Are you the best person for the job of content creatives on top of your other duties?

This is where outsourcing to freelancers or professional writers is a good choice. Professional writers have a library of tools at their disposal that allows them to research, create and deliver results quickly.

As professional creators , we have years of experience at our fingertips to call on for niche topics and subject matter. It is more than the written word, its images, video, animations, and their experience can be the difference between engaging your audience or turning them away. 

If you are not sure which form of content is best for your business,  view our creative services.

Get in touch with me and I will happily guide you, assess your needs, and recommend the best type of content, to achieve your goals.

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