The Importance of Good Headlines

The Importance of Good Headlines for Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a single page on a website that is designed solely to promote a mailing list opt-in form. As long as a website owner directs enough traffic toward this page, they should then be able to maximize their number of sign-ups.

This of course though is dependent on the effectiveness of said squeeze page – on its “conversion rate.”

One element that is going to greatly impact on the ability of your page to convert, is the choice of headline. Your headline is what will make people on your link in the first place and it is what will provide the context for your landing page.

So what does a good landing page (another term for squeeze page) headline look like?

Again, the main key objective is to demonstrate value – both for the page itself and for the mailing list. Ask yourself why people would want to visit this page and why they’d want to be a subscriber?

What is the value proposition you are promoting? How are you improving the lives of your visitors?


For example, if your mailing list is about business then your title might be something like:

A FREE Report on How I Increased My Visitors by 200% in Just One Week!

Or alternatively, it might be:

Stay IN THE LOOP and Here all the Latest From the World of Digital Marketing, Completely FREE!

If your niche is fitness on the other hand, then you might make your title:

Join My VIP List for Tips and tricks That Will Help You Feel Confident With Your New, Sexy, POWERFUL Body!

In each scenario, you are looking at the value you’re offering and focussing on that. This should create an emotional response for your visitors which in turn should create the impulse to sign up.

Creating your perfect headline won’t always be easy but thankfully there are some things you can do to really optimize the title you end up selecting.

One tip is to try writing 10 titles and then choosing your favourite. This tends to result in something much more effective than just going with the first thing you think of.

Another tip is to try split testing different titles. This means you will create two identical squeeze pages where only the titles are different and then see which one performs best. This way you can gradually learn what your audience responds to and how you can get them to read and to sign up!

Split testing can also be used to test and optimize other aspects of your squeeze page – including your

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