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Outsourcing Created Content for Your Clients Projects

Outsourcing created content is just a great idea when your business is creating content for a client’s project. 

Let’s say you create websites, as a website designer/ html coder etc. You’re able to concentrate on the functions of the website, User Interface design, functionality etc. And the content is been written for you at the same time by your freelancer.

You’re instantly multi-tasking without draining valuable resources or distracting you from your primary skills.

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5 reasons why you should be outsourcing created content for a client’s company project.

1. The client’s niche is not within your field of expertise. As you work on projects for your customers; they may be an expert in a field in which you have no experience in short not within your skill sets. You will have to perform the research on the subject matter and develop a new skill to complete the clients project in the correct way. Outsourcing your content to us can remove shortcomings required to complete the contract.

2. More time for you to prioritise. When you outsource the content part of the project it removes the headaches and complications that will distract you and your team from the overall project completion. You have deadlines and requirements that need to be met. By outsourcing you are freeing your time to complete core targets.

3. Cost. You have a business process and a set number of hours to complete the contract for your client, and if you get it wrong due to your lack of expertise in the niche it will increase costs and damage your reputation. You’re in business to earn money and make cost savings whilst still delivering a fabulous experience for your client’s business.

Outsourcing can reduce your labour costs and be the factor the reduces both time and money waste that benefits both you and your client.

4.Complex Skills You Don’t Have. When you have to be innovative for a client’s project, it may require key skills that you don’t possess, or even want to if the project is a one-off. Buy outsourcing these aspects of the project you can achieve more for your client without taking a course or expensive education to acquire the skills to complete the project.

5. include additional services for your clients. By using a freelance writer, you could create an ongoing marketing strategy that creates 12 blog posts after the initial project is complete. You can offer content management and outsource it to add more offerings to your client. It starts with a simple content strategy passed to a freelancer and allow them to work their magic on your behalf. This can be a great cost-effective way to increase your client offering and earn money after the initial contract is complete.

So as a website designer, with every website you create, you may include the following optional extras as outsourced created content

12 blog posts 1 per month for a year
20 social media posts for the first 6 months.

The options are endless, and you have no extra work just extra earning potential.
We have some great ideas on working together so get in touch!

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