Should @I outsouce or DIY contetn creation

outsource content creation or DIY in 2022

Content creation is an integral part of running any successful business. It is what keeps potential customers engaged with your business. When you lack website content, there is nothing to keep your audience of potential customers engaged. 

Imagine for a second, you are a self-employed plumber, and you want more customers through content marketing. Your content may demonstrate a problem you solved for a customer and their feedback of a job you have done well. 

This content builds confidence and demonstrates your expertise in plumbing. Your content can be the persuasive hook that pulls a customer towards you instead of your competition.

Should you outsource content creation or DIY in 2022?

Should you outsource content creation or DIY in 2022?

  If you want to have someone in your office who will grow with your business over time and have the available budget, hiring someone can be a good solution. So, you can hire a content creator who will follow the instructions you give them to make sure your content aligns with your business goals.


There are benefits to your business whichever way you create content, but ask yourself.

  1. Can you do it yourself? Do you have the time, the skills and the equipment need?
  2. Can your business afford to hire someone to handle your content creation? They will need a salary. They would require the equipment and tools to create your content. Do they possess the relevant work experience and the necessary skills to deliver good quality content on your behalf? 
  3. Do you have the infrastructure for onboarding, training, and managing a new member of your team? 


Many companies hire content creators internally, but many others outsource their content needs. However, the decision of whether to outsource or do custom content development in-house needs to be well thought out.


If you are still unsure if you should outsource your content creation or DIY in 2022 after reading this far. Consider this.

Time: Hiring new staff takes time, Advertising the vacancy, vetting candidates, interviews, onboarding paperwork, applicable insurances, and work eligibility checks. Ultimately you want to hire the right candidate, and this hiring process occupies even more of your time. Once you have your ideal employee in place, you may still have to manage their day-to-day content creation.

Content: Hiring can mean either you hire a new writer, or you will have to begin writing the content yourself. In this situation you are exposed to the risk of your new hire not producing the desired quality or worse. Perhaps, they quit their job halfway through the task, and you will have to complete the content yourself. 

Quality: If you want to hire an internal content creator, you will have to go through a trial-and-error process, and you could end up with a great employee on paper, but quickly you notice they are not competent to create consistent good quality content. Worst-case scenario, you must fire them and begin the onboarding process again from scratch. 

Costs: Getting this person onboard can be costly. You will have payroll, the equipment they require, physical space within your building, ongoing training, and education to keep their skills current.


One thing that strongly supports internally handling your content creation is security. If your business utilises content of a sensitive nature, hiring a content creator may be the secure option. 


Outsourcing Content Creation

Outsourcing content creation can be easier because you give the instruction once, and the freelancer crafts the content you need. You may still have to manage your projects to ensure strict adherence to deadlines and quality from the freelancer. Another outsourcing advantage is that you are not forced to micro-manage their activities minute-by-minute.

Hiring a freelancer is not without complications. You are outsourcing, and this may cause conflict with your own content ideas. It will be necessary to communicate with your content creator regularly until you know the quality of their work. Layout your instructions clearly with direction, expectations, and standards. 

So, I have described the pros and cons of hiring internally versus outsourcing. 

Let’s take a closer look at whether you should outsource your content creation or hire internally.

 So, Should you outsource content creation or DIY in 2022?

Even if you have the expertise to create your own content internally, you may have good reason to outsource content creation. Firstly, agencies and professional freelancers are experienced in delivering high-quality content. And their collective experience could lead to much more engaging content when compared to in-house content creation. 

When you create content, you should focus on delivering value to the readers. To provide value, you need to be educating your readers, helping them solve a problem or answering a question. 

Your audience is your #1 priority. You should try to know your audience better, identify their needs and meet them together with your own goals.

Outsourcing to a professional copywriter or content agency will significantly increase your chances of posting content that is high quality and meets the needs of the reader.

Next, consider your budget. If you are only outsourcing a few small pieces of content, then a freelance option might be best for you. However, if you want to create content daily, you should consider hiring a new team member or a content agency. 

To get the best from your content, you will need multiple forms of content and share them regularly. Freelancers and content agencies understand this completely.


 A simple budget calculation

OK, imagine that you’re a self-employed professional and earn £100.00 per hour. You need written content creating (1,000 characters, 2 images) demonstrating your skills. It takes 6 hours to complete. 

Consider the cost implications. 

You: 1,000 characters, 2 images, takes 6 hours to create (over a week) @ £100.00 per hour = £600 total cost for your time to craft the content. You just lost £600.00

You could have been earning £100.00 per hour instead of writing content.

Outsourced: 1,000 characters, 2 images = £200.00 total and delivered in 24 hours. 



When utilising the skills of a freelance content creator, you will hold a polished piece of professional content for half the cost. You have continued to earn revenue whilst the freelancer was creating your content. 

In many cases, you give the freelancer the topic and your goal from the content. The freelancer will research and deliver the content with minimal input from you. 

When you outsource correctly, you create time to maximise profits and minimise the distractions that prevent you from working on your high-income priorities.

Evaluating your ROI can help you decide which aspects of your content creation use a lot of time, money and emotional stress.


How to choose your content outsourcing partner?

 Do you have a contact or colleague that can recommend a freelancer to you? Recommendations will help you connect with a known freelancer, but you still need to be involved to ensure quality. 

Will the quantity of content you need be ongoing or an occasional requirement? Your quantity needs will suggest you need a content agency over a freelancer. 

Check, read reviews, existing customer comments and view their portfolio of created content. 

There are websites available that you can use to help you hire your next outsourcing partner. 

Any google search for a content creation freelancer will give a plethora of results and take some time to go through. (Yet another distraction taking you away from your earning priorities)!

 Like I said earlier, the choice is yours, and I cannot answer this one for you, but I have highlighted some of the factors that may guide your decision.

Ultimately ask yourself. 

  • Do I have the skills to create content myself?
  • Do I have the time to create content myself?
  • Do I want to create content or work on high-income priorities?
So.. Should you outsource content creation or DIY in 2022?

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