Great incentives to grow your list

Great Incentives to Use to Drive People to Your Mailing List

Incentives are used by email marketers in order to encourage more people to sign up to their list. Often these will be things like free eBooks, e-mail courses or ‘reports’ and these can then help to motivate anyone who was otherwise sitting on the fence about signing up.

Incentives work well but they aren’t always the best strategy depending on your goals and the incentives you use. For instance, if you’re giving away a free eBook, you may be unintentionally devaluing the eBooks you later intend to sell. Worse, you might get people signing up just because they want the freebies, which means they’re unlikely to ever engage with your messages.

Of course the other slight problem with an eBook is that you have to actually write it yourself or pay someone else to.

So what could you do instead?

One option that works very well is to make the e-mail itself the incentive. In other words, you broadcast the value inherent in the e-mails so strongly that people will want to sign up just to receive them. This way, they’ll be actively looking out for your messages and far more likely to want to open them.

To go about doing this you can sell the mailing list as being a newsletter rather than just ‘e-mails’. Alternatively, you could create an e-course and actively teach your subscribers through the messages. If you’re really smart, you can even make sure your recipients are interested in potentially buying from you – by talking about the deals and offers you’ll be promoting. If you’re really clever, you can even get your audience psyched about a product you’re going to be launching, and then say they can sign up to get more information when it becomes available. This works extremely well because you now have a list of people who actually want you to send them marketing material! That’s what we call ‘jackpot’ in the industry!

Running competitions, creating an eZine or giving away regular free gifts are all more ways to encourage people to sign up and then keep their eyes on their inbox.

And this is one more point – you should also be thinking of the best ways to keep people engaged with your emails once they’ve already signed up. Giving away more freebies, running contests, and surveying your readers are all particularly great options.

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