Content Creation Explained

Content Creation

Content creation is the process of generating ideas for content that appeals to your potential customer persona. When you create written, visual, and audio content with your passion and make that created medium accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, podcast, etc. You will maximise your engagement and hold the attention of your potential customers.

Creating content is not a quick task, it can involve many hours searching online and offline for content created by others in the form of, websites, survey, statistics, reference materials etc, that you will need to use for inspiration in order to create your own unique and informative content.

You need a plan for what content you are going to create.

Yes, it is about the actual writing, but there is also an element of design as your content can be repurposed to video, infographics, and many other formats. And that content must be created with a specific channel or social media platform in mind.  Your plan needs to be quite detailed so you don’t post your content on badly suited social media platform; for example, heavy text content as Instagram content may not work as well as an infographic or relevant quote graphic with a link to the written & video content.


What is a content researcher? (ME)

What I do here is the leg work, you give me 3 keywords and I source and research to provide you with a detailed content brief within 24 hours.

Your content brief will consist of:

  1. Topics based on your keywords or synonym.
  2. Frequent asked questions related to your keywords.
  3. Sections (snippet of online content related to your keywords)
  4. Links
  5. Statistics


Your content brief will provide you with all the content ideas and resources that you will ever need to create your Google topping content. You can then repurpose this content again and again to create much more content in different formats for social media.

Now, you have your content brief you’re ready to become a content creator and this is the fun part, to digest the details of your brief and come up with exciting and vibrant content that will generate engagement from social media and your website.

It’s important here to remember content hooks into every aspect of the Internet, search engines, and data. think about it, the Internet exists as a massive catalogue of content, and as such It is essential that you use your keywords throughout your content (without keyword stuffing) to get your posts within the search engine results. This will lead your target audience directly to you.  And keywords will also help with content posted on the major social media networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog etc. etc.

Content is devoured on social media, it is what we tag, save, consume, share and interact with. The better the content the more insatiably your target audience will devour it.


What makes a content creator?

A content creator is you; you are responsible for the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital content. You will be targeting keywords or a specific topic with your target audience in mind. Ideally you will create content and post it on any of the following: blog, news, image, video, audio, email, social updates, and other related content.

Before you can create come-back-for-more content, you’ll need to appreciate that content creation is not everyone’s cup of tea   it’s not just about throwing together a pretty quote on a colourful background and then posting it on Instagram. You’ll need to be more organised, original, and creative, disciplined, and diverse.

Once you know what makes a successful content creator, you’ll easily duplicate the process and create more and more successful content, the kinds of content you can use to hook potential clients

The beauty of content is that businesses and brands have finally found the ROI’ to using it as a strategy. Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less

Content marketing has lower upfront costs and deeper long-term benefits than paid search activity

Successful content is the key to doing everything from powering next best action’ marketing to creating those all-important micro-moments’ of decisions that lead a potential customer from casual browser to consistent audience member to the loyal purchaser.

Behind every piece of viral content is not luck, but, rather, a strategic content creator.


8 Tips to Become a Content Creator

  • Read news about your industry every day.
  • Create on a regular basis & remember content is more than writing its total digital media.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Establish your own voice.
  • Curate other people’s content (when relevant).
  • Understand your KPIs.
  • Network at every opportunity.
  • Offer solutions, solve problems, answer questions for your target audience.
  • Use our Content Research Service and receive your content brief and you will be creating amazing content your target audience will devour within 24 hours.

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