What is Your Email list Worth

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If you are collecting emails for an email marketing strategy, then you might well have been attracted partly by just how affordable the process is. This is a marketing method with an extremely high ROI, meaning that you barely have to spend anything in order to start really profiting. But exactly how much is your […]

The Social Power of an Email List

email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and essential forms of internet marketing available. Slowly, it is being recognized as this as more and more bloggers shout about the power of email marketing. But while it’s true that more people are waking up to the potential of list building, it’s also true that many […]

The Importance of Good Headlines

The Importance of Good Headlines for Squeeze Pages A squeeze page is a single page on a website that is designed solely to promote a mailing list opt-in form. As long as a website owner directs enough traffic toward this page, they should then be able to maximize their number of sign-ups. This of course […]

How to write a great subject line

How to write a great subject line

How to Write a Great Subject Line for an Email Let’s imagine for a moment that this is not a blog you’re reading, but an email. What subject line might I use to get you to read this specific piece of content? One option I would consider is: “Subscriber, can I get you to open […]

List Building Mistakes

Top List Building Mistakes List building is one of the single most valuable marketing activities but unfortunately it’s also one of the things that a lot of businesses aren’t using to its fullest – or don’t know how to use. People will invest a lot more into social media or SEO typically, despite the fact […]

How much will running my email marketing cost

There are lots of reasons that email marketing is one of the best investments any business can make for its marketing. Email marketing means you aren’t reliant on third parties like Facebook or Google, and it means you have direct access to your audience, right inside their inboxes! But while all this is true, it’s […]

Great incentives to grow your list

Great Incentives to Use to Drive People to Your Mailing List Incentives are used by email marketers in order to encourage more people to sign up to their list. Often these will be things like free eBooks, e-mail courses or ‘reports’ and these can then help to motivate anyone who was otherwise sitting on the […]

5 email Marketing Techniques that Deliver Traffic

Boost Your Web Traffic with These 5 Email Marketing Techniques Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to reach both your current customers as well as connect with fresh prospective customers. Correctly creating a strong email marketing campaign can take your business to the next level and provide you with a healthy ROI. Also, […]

Easy Tips to grow your list

Easy Strategies to Encourage More Subscribers Once you have your squeeze page in place with your opt-in form and incentive, you should start to notice a fairly good turnover of people signing up to your mailing list – especially if it is attached to a popular blog with a lot of traffic. But don’t rest […]

Using eMail Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

Website Traffic from Email Marketing The most important result for any company’s email marketing campaign is to get more people to visit their website. The ultimate goal for utilizing email marketing in your overall marketing strategy is to provide visitors with a quality experience and ultimately convert them into paying customers. Here’s how to increase […]