Customer Personas Can Transform SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

Customer Personas

Whatever you call them, new approaches to creating these fictional characters can transform SEO, PPC, and content marketing. Now, executives and senior managers in the search industry and digital marketing world can’t really be blamed for missing this emerging trend. Unlike Rip Van Winkle, who fell asleep for 20 years, we’ve been losing sleep for […]

Is Content Marketing the Right Choice for My Business?


  “Is content marketing the right choice for my business?” you might wonder. Content marketing isn’t just one of those trends that come and go in the marketing world. It’s an essential ingredient in marketing success in the digital universe. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, today’s customers come to their buying decisions […]

Social Media Content Ideas: A Perpetual Idea System


LEARN MORE NOW Struggling to come up with social media content? Looking for a process to fuel your content creation? In this article, you’ll discover a repeatable system you can use to develop a pipeline of content ideas that never ends and a four-part system to create headlines that will guide content creation for multiple […]

Government Moves To Regulate Digital Content, Streaming With New Rules

UK Gov Logo

The government’s new rules to regulate digital content and streaming platforms will include a strict oversight mechanism involving several ministries and a code of ethics that bans content affecting “the sovereignty and integrity of India” and that which threatens national security. The Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 prescribes, […]

How to Make 100 Pieces of Content in a Day

You don’t need to overcomplicate your strategy around your content. The important thing is that you put out more content that can resonate with more groups of people. Putting out 1 generic piece versus 50 pieces of content with the same messaging, just unique to each state, will work way better than the 1 mass […]

Artificial intelligence & algorithms: pros & cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary)

Noble Gems SMART PHONE Glass Text Alarm Apps Email Nb.. Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 -13MPX- BLACK (Only Vodafone).. Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are leading to fundamental changes in the way we live. Algorithms can already detect Parkinson's disease and cancer, and control both cars and aircraft. How will AI change our society in the […]

Content Creation Explained

Content Creation Content creation is the process of generating ideas for content that appeals to your potential customer persona. When you create written, visual, and audio content with your passion and make that created medium accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, podcast, etc. You will maximise your engagement and hold the attention […]

Content Creation Strategies: How To Create Content Online

Apple computers – perspex double sided sign Retro Apple Computers Directors Chair Late 70s Early .. Affiliate marketing has been one of the fastest and most effective ways that I've made money online. If you want to achieve success with his business model there are specific content creation strategies that you need to implement. Are […]

Crafting Your Customer Avatar: 5-Step Guide To Customer Avatar Research

Follow this simple customer avatar research process to discover who you should be selling too and where to advertise for maximum profits. ——————————– Recommended Videos: Small Business PPC Campaign Guide: Ideal Customer Profile: Data Driven Method: How To Be A Consultant Online: Online Business Research – Your Niche and Your Customer Avatar […]

9 Things that Turn Off Potential Customers

For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: Very rarely will you hear people talk about the topic of what turns off potential customers, but I think it's an important topic to cover. So in this video, I cover the following 9 […]