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Converting a written blog into an easy-listen soundbite just got better.  You should make the most of your written content and convert it into an audio soundbite, your audience can enjoy on the move.

Your written content can come to life as a 60-second whiteboard animation and you can lower the learning curve for your customers with instructive animations instead of words alone. 

It’s all about maximising your reach and transforming your created content into as many feasible formats to attract potential customers to your business. 

We’ve got you covered. Give your customers a taste of what you do,  let us create your video/audio message.

Audio Video Quote
Select the type of video you want created
Human Voice-over / AI Voice-over Select
Do you already have a script created?
How many words required in your script
Do we supply background music
Audio Video Quote

Audio Video Quote

Do you need an idea for your audio or video creative? 

Use your mobile phone to capture interactions with customers, visuals of your products and even record a product demonstration, all valuable material to your potential customers.

Our services can turn the short videos captured on your phone into an exciting presentation for your audience and your business growth. 

Create your audio video quote for creative content includes animations presented as whiteboard explainer video’s with professional or AI-generated voice over and background audio. 

We can easily convert your historic written content to AI-generated audio soundbite for your potential customer’s enjoyment whilst on the move!

When you have completed your audio video quote details press “Send Quote” and we will each receive a copy and I will call you shortly to discuss your options. 

Thank you. 

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Absolutely great experience working with Created Content. Needed some content for my website and Carlton had it ready for me the next day! Also great customer service, instant replies and revision to my satisfaction.

Will work with Carlton in the future!

If you have a product or service that can be explained in 60 seconds, we can create the right explainer presentation for you, whether that is an audio or video format.

Getting your message across to potential customers visually is becoming more and more essential as your audience is switching to mobile devices to perform product/service research whilst on the move. 

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